Friday, February 23, 2007


This is a quick post to say that my friends in Final Summation (who have some lovers of horror and beer in the band) Have recorded 4 new songs and you can listen to them on their myspace at FINAL SUMMATION

Coming up in the next week are reviews of The Devils Bloody Playthings DVD and the Last Chance "Messages And Slogans" CD

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hannibal Rising review plus shit to come

Wallah my first movie review for this blog.


Well hell, I guess the Hannibal series just keeps getting better and better, I mean "Hannibal" (2001) wasn't the best movie ever and lacked something that this movie and the other two had, but I still even enjoyed it from what I remember.
Anyhow, this movie was a great big screen watch I thought and now I can't wait for the dvd to come out. The story was great and would completely explain why someone would turn to doing the things Hannibal does in his life. The gore factory is there, but at the right moments, it's not over board by any means though there is some pretty gross shit going on. I think more so the chopping of limbs and the sound it makes, when the camera view turns somewhere else is one of the most effective things to keep something gross without turning it into some of the other types of movies I'll be reviewing on here in the future!
With that being said, as far as big screen/big budget/big everything movies are concerned, I was not planning on reviewing very many on here! I am making exceptions for movies such as this and possibly things like Rob Zombie, Romero, James Gunn and the like movies.
A lot of this movie I didn't even feel like I was watching a horror movie, instead a serious WWII war action/drama type movie and that wasn't a bad thing, I mean it had a little bit of everything and even some dark comedy, because you know Lecter always has to say something good before or after he offs someone.
I guess the only complaint I would have is that the young man who plays Hannibal, doesn't look a thing like a man that would grow up
to look like Hannibal in the other movies, though I guess that can be forgiven seeing as there were some changes in "Hannibal" 2001 to the persons who played certain characters in the series.
This movie in a lot of ways is nothing like the rest of the series, but that should not scare anyone who loves Dr. Lecter from seeing it because after all it is still about him, just don't expect him helping any FBI agents catch another killer or anything like that.....this is all Hannibal in his creative, well spoken, and monstrous glory!
I give it at least 4 1/2 severed half eaten heads out of a solid 5 severed half eaten heads!

Now some screen caps from the movie, Enjoy!

Things to come as far reviews go in the upcoming months:

Battle Royal 2 extended version DVD
Wassup Rockers DVD
Salo DVD
The Garbage Pale Kids DVD

Himinbjorg "Europa" CD
Last Chance "Songs and slogans" CD
Blitzkid "Five Cellars Below" CD
Moonsorrow -"HÄVITETTY" CD

Later, Cory.

Monday, February 12, 2007

First Review, Show and other shit.

So for my first real post I have a review I did for one of my favorite bands of all time.


Well first off I love this band. Though this 7" is mostly acoustic, does it really matter? It's almost better than their CD's in the way that this band has such a raw feel anyways and this record sounds like it was probably recorded on a 4-track (after typing this I read it was recorded on a reel to reel at Jon's house) so it makes it a very intimate recording. The full band does kick in on the last track though which is nice. Anyone who hasn't heard this band should know it features Chad Price (ALL), Jon Snodgrass (Armchair Martian) and other revolving members from bands such as The Nobody's and a few others, so you know this has to be good and it is....very good. This band is amazing live as well, but I'm getting side tracked.
Lets go track by track:
Track one is called This Star and it is probably the most intimate song on this, just Chad singing with guitar. Sounds like it may have been one of those songs that was meant to be acoustic, either that or it just didn't make the cut for a CD. It's a great song and kinda sticks out a little differently like some of the newer songs this band has been writing (AKA Beautiful and Damned From the "It's Crazy" CD).
Track two is a Snodgrass song called Strange and completely sounds more like a DTR song, not that anything else is bad....I actually really like everything I have ever heard that they have written. I gotta say the vocal harmonies between Jon and Chad in this are absolutely some of the best I have heard and fit into it really well which is odd because the guitar is quite in this song and the vocals during those parts are a lot loader, but I just all makes sense and sounds great together. I believe this is about as Folk as it gets for these guys. I really with I could comment on what the lyrics are about but, it's very hard to tell and I don't have the lyric sheet as I'm reviewing this from an audio rip (Yeah whatever just being honest).
Track three is the title track called Has A Way With Women and as far as can tell is about about missing a friend and a friend that has a way with women at that. This song has Spacey Casey doing some badass Slide guitar work as well once the band kicks in and this is probably my favorite DTR song in general, which kinda sucks because I asked them to play it last time I saw them and got the polite response "It's just not gonna happen!" from Jon which also tells me I may never get to here this live. Oh well I can always listen to this awesome recording of it.
Bottom line is that I believe this to be a great starting point for someone who likes their country on the folky-er side and has not heard this band yet.
Go get this, order it, steal what you must and you won't regret it as you are humming these songs home from work, softball practice or the bar....(while walking of course!)



Other shit.

So Anna Nicole Smith died..... That sucks
No really it kinda does. I honestly think people will be talking about her and her crazy ass story for years and years to come.

I heard something on the news today about the Police cracking down on kids who text on their cell phones while driving.
Now I swear I have been thinking about this for so long, I mean I just kinda figured it was something so obvious that they would have had to have been cracking down on it for what? maybe the last 3 years or so since texting has gotton so popular, but NO. I guess it took tons and tons of dead kids for them to realize it was a bad idea?

So I want to do this beer of the month thing on here, because beer is one of the best things on the face of this planet. Might be stupid, but I don't fucking care so with out any further a due here it is:


This has been my favorite beer for about 3 years now and thats why it's the first on here.
It's really cloudy and super thirst quenching. I mean if a beer can quench my thirst then I don't know if I will ever need water (or Mountain Dew) ever again.

A quote straight from the brewery!

A Crisp beer with a hint of citrus, made with two-row malted barley, unmalted wheat, a secrete blend of Humboldt herbs, crystal clear mountain water and yeast"

Silver Medal - 2003 Ca State Fair
Bronze Medal - 2003 L.A. County Fair
Bronze Medal - 2002 L.A. County Fair
2nd Place - 2000 Ca Brewer's Festival
Plus a lot more!

Last, but not least my band is playing a show tonight.
Not that anyone is reading this soon enough to come or even anyone one who lives here, but I would at least like to Archive the flyer because it's good.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

To come.....

So this will be my spot for Reviews(dvd or music) and whatever random things I want.